Damian Priest Reflects On His WWE Money In The Bank Ladder Match Win

Damian Priest reflects on his WWE Money In The Bank ladder match win
Damian Priest reflects on his WWE Money In The Bank ladder match win

After a successful WWE career, Damian Priest secured another achievement in his resume with his recent win in the Money in the Bank ladder match. By retrieving the coveted briefcase in London, England, he earned the privilege to cash in the contract and challenge any WWE champion from any brand. Prior to making his move, Priest took a moment to reflect on his significant victory.

During his appearance on “WWE’s The Bump,” Priest openly discussed his emotions before, during, and after the challenging ladder match held at The O2 Arena. He expressed relief at being scheduled as the first match of the night, allowing him to avoid overthinking leading up to the event. However, he acknowledged the importance of staying focused and handling his responsibilities despite enjoying himself. As a former United States Champion, Priest understood the gravity of the situation and remained determined to succeed.

It Was Insane

“I was absolutely enjoying it,” he exclaimed. “Having a bunch of opponents to unleash my aggression on with ladders and such was a blast. However, finding a rhythm was quite challenging. Your focus constantly shifts as there are numerous moving parts. Everyone is vying for the same objective: to grab that briefcase. Throughout the entire match, there was a sense of desperation. It was pure chaos from the moment the bell rang, so nobody really had the opportunity to establish a steady momentum. Just when you thought you were gaining ground, someone else would interrupt and begin their own assault. It was a relentless back-and-forth. That’s why these matches are so unpredictable. They are an unending flurry of action. While one person was being knocked down, there was always another competitor waiting in the wings. There was never a chance to find a groove.”

Despite not being able to establish a consistent rhythm, Priest managed to execute his strategy and emerge as the victorious recipient of the Money in the Bank briefcase, marking his first time holding that title in his WWE career. However, there was an additional factor that fueled his determination to succeed. It stemmed from a minor verbal mishap he made earlier in the year, which inadvertently served as a motivating force behind his triumph.

A Moment Like This

“Once I had the Money in the Bank briefcase in my hands, I couldn’t believe it,” Priest expressed. “The reality of the situation hit me, and I thought, ‘I actually did it.’ It’s one of those accomplishments that you always wish for and dream about, but dreams are often just dreams, not reality. So, when you can actually achieve something like this… It was an overwhelming mix of emotions inside of me. It was truly incredible. The satisfaction of achieving something you’ve been working towards is indescribable. I remember a few months ago when I mistakenly referred to Money in the Bank instead of Elimination Chamber, and in that moment, I knew I had to win this match. I had to be a part of it and come out on top. It was like I saw the future. For me, it was an incredibly special moment.”

The power of spite can be a powerful motivator in life. By correcting a mistake that could have haunted him, Damian Priest now has the opportunity to shape his own destiny once again. While winning the Money in the Bank contract doesn’t guarantee a championship, history has shown that many who cash in their contracts go on to become world champions. Considering Priest’s recent strong performance, there is a statistical likelihood that he could follow a similar path to success in the future.

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