WWE Hall of Famer Shares A Special Connection Between The Iron Sheik And His Daughter

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The Iron Sheik

WWE legend Sgt. Slaughter reminisces about The Iron Sheik’s visits to his home and their bond with his young daughter.

Despite portraying a physically imposing and intimidating character on-screen, The Iron Sheik had a warm and endearing personality in real life. Following his recent passing, numerous colleagues and former wrestlers from the WWE Hall of Fame stepped forward to share heartwarming anecdotes about him.

During an exclusive interview with Tom from Zeuztee, Sgt. Slaughter reminisced about the early days when The Iron Sheik would frequently visit his home, even before they achieved fame in wrestling. Sgt. Slaughter also shared that The Iron Sheik developed a special bond with his eldest daughter and would often spend time reading books to her.

“Khosrow (The Iron Sheik) would come to our apartment usually an hour before we were to leave, and my oldest daughter was two years old then. He loved playing with her. So he would put her on his lap and get one of her books and starts reading to her, and he would look at the picture of like an animal, and he’d say, ‘Nikki, what is this?’ and she would say, ‘I don’t know,'” said Sgt. Slaughter. [8:13 – 8:44]

Sgt. Slaughter reveals The Iron Sheik’s English learning method: Watching TV

Additionally, Slaughter revealed that while reading to his daughter, The Iron Sheik was also learning English. He recalled how The Iron Sheik shared that he watched Sesame Street to improve his English speaking abilities.

“Pretty soon, he would come over almost every day and put her on his lap and go through the book, and they were learning all different types of animals, and he told me and my wife that he would watch Sesame Street to learn how to speak better English and learn the alphabets and numbers and things like that,” added Slaughter. [8:51 – 9:12]

Both The Iron Sheik and Slaughter would later find great success in WWE and are regarded as iconic villains in the history of the company.

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